Dr. Michael Bernhard - Experimental investigations and computational thermodynamics of the Fe-C-P system

©EUROMAT 2021, 13 Sep 2021, In steelmaking processes, the presence of higher phosphorus concentrations in the liquid steel is generally undesired as P may affect the product quality during continuous casting, e.g. internal cracking and micro-/macrosegregation. In order to guarantee a successful process control and to precisely predict the solidification progress in the casting machine, thermodynamics of the ternary Fe-C-P system play a key role. The present study deals with the experimental methods of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), high-temperature laser scanning confocal microscopy (HT-LSCM) and high-temperature X-ray diffraction (HT-XRD) to characterize melting equilibria and solid-state phase transformations in the Fe-C-P system. Based on the novel experimental results a thermodynamic database for the Fe-C-P system was developed using the modified Quasichemical model (MQM) for the liquid phase. Application of the database to continuous casting simulations will be shown in the final part of this work.