Dr. Dali You - Simulation of the reactions in the ladle during the BOF steel tapping

©EUROMAT 2021, 13 Sep 2021, A comprehensive model of the steel tapping process addressing the reactions in the ladle is proposed. In the model, thermodynamic equilibrium calculations are performed using thermodynamic library—ChemApp. The effective equilibrium reaction zone (EERZ) method is applied to describe the steel/slag interfacial reaction. Most of the activities, such as the additions of ferroalloys and slag formers, carryover slag entrapment and air pick-up, are included. The model is calibrated by comparing the predicted compositions of the steel and slag with the measurements from a total of 10 heats from two plants. The composition developments of the steel, slag and inclusions can be tracked using the model. The influence of the amount of carryover slag is studied using the calibrated model.